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    Data Clarity from Chaos

    Through the four step model for taming your big data Juncture will solve your data chaos issues in your organization.  Through the ability to find new sources of data, to understand what information may be hidden, catalog for reuse and deliver and integrate Juncture is essential to organizations of any size.

    Our four step model

    • Discovery – our discovery technology will analyze your data and catalog what is found for further refinement and use.  Whether the data is contained in traditional database, file format (CSV, XML, logfiles), NoSQL technology or legacy systems it can be examined.  And through the open plug-in architecture we are ready to meet future requirements.  At the end you will know what is there, patterns to the data and even anomalies that can be taken into consideration.
    • Define – once discovered Juncture allows building a catalog of your data elements to be re-used and shared.   This definition can happen in the language of your organization.  In this way, an organization can build a descriptive catalog that describes the data that drives their business.   In addition, this catalog is open and sharable allowing other products to use the definitions. 
    • Derive – real value often comes from not the specific pieces of information, but rather when these are combined, modified or used in building further custom data elements.  
    • Deliver – the final piece is to take this data and delver it the right person, at the right time and in the format that they expect.  Needs vary whether it be in raw real time information or aggregated or visual reports,  Juncture’s open and plug-in architecture will fit the needs of the specific use case.

    We scale with your business.  From our free community edition to our enterprise level SaaS offering we offer the solution that fits your needs today and into the future.  Juncture brings clarity