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    The Java Experts LLC is a software development, consulting and training company with expertise in building high performance and scalable software systems.   We have experience with a broad range of technologies from traditional RDBMS products, search (Lucene and Solar) to NoSQL products such as Cassandra and Hadoop.

    We have built systems both domesticially and internationally for financial, media, health and government.  While are experience is using C# and Java, we know how to build applications that meet your organizations needs with the best mix of technology. 

    We love to help companies through mentoring, project definition and implementation and of course training. Check out here for some of our talks we have given on various topics.

    Java Experts is the company behind Juncture. Juncture allows defining signals of information in your enterprise, which allows you to make decisions proactively instead of reactively. Companies are storing data at record rates, but they are getting buried in the avalanche of data and often failing to see the important information at the right time. Juncture will bring order to the data confusion through a modular approach to finding, identifying and delivering the information where it is most needed.